SUPPORT OTHER PEOPLES DREAMS….heres a great little spot we stayed at this week right here in Wisco (NOT a sponsored post. Just a spread the love post) If Ron Swanson, Nate Berkus & Wes Anderson took a vacation together, theyd like to stay here.Its 3 hours from Chicago, tucked into 3 acres of the Kettle Moraine State Forest,And is the literal log cabin of all of our you also ever stay in somebody elses house & fantasize about what it would be like to live there?We do.We love seeing other folks living their dreams of finding their perfect vacation spot.Then buying it. decorating it with all of the things they love.Then opening its doors to complete strangers like us.A FEW BACKSTORIES FROM THE OWNER THAT WE LOVED:The mysterious longhorn velvet wedding mirror – it was exchanged between meatpacking families (shot 7)The mid-century stereo cabinet is something we picked up in a rather terrifying Silence of the Lambs situation”We fell in love with the reclaimed planks and stairs, the deep fireplaces, and the quirky little corners and up/downstair splitsA local painter did the European lime/plaster paint and white-washed the ceilings and brick workFavorite pieces: The leather club chairs, the Black Forest / boar bristle chandelier, my great-grandfathers homemade hutchThe 4th bedroom in the upstairs loft are a pair of little beds tucked in under the eaves- we call it the Harry Potter room.THE 8 THINGS YOU HAVE TO DO:DISCOVER local historic little shops still in business (last shots) Our favorite is a sewing machine & vacuum cleaner repair shop that is a museum where everything is for sale we picked up a time capsule 1950 vacuum we found an old road house inn thats a bar & a barbershop that is literally stuck in time. All within 20 min of our cabin.+ KAYAK the lake & hike the trails thats 5 min away.+ EAT at Kohlers restaurants closeby.+ VISIT Lake Mich beach & dunes just up the road.+ COOK up a feast in the stocked kitchen, hilltop brick patio w/BBQ & smoker.+ CURL UP with a book and a cocktail at one of the huge beautiful fireplaces.+ PLAY the game roomCheck out @maaike_interiors