Its here!!Ugh. Real excited for this one.(>>scroll for in store tour, unboxing & the catalog camp tour)KOLO X CAMP WANDAWEGAOur new custom product collaboration with @topdrawershop ABOUT:Scottish milled wool tweed upper, suede leather bottom and cozy faux fur lining. Includes an organic cotton travel dust bag. Nestled in the woods of Wisconsin, Camp Wandawega is a magically curated wonderland hosting like-minded people who love being in the outdoors yet appreciate a slice of Midwestern beautiful Amerian nostalgiaGET EM IN THEIR STORES & online ABOUT TOP DRAWER:As creative professionals, we know the nomadic lifestyle is as much a mindset as it is a way of being.We look to tackle the projects that make us stretch. To us, nomadism isnt simply about being on the move: its about an existence in which the thingswe carry directly impact our productivity, our well-being, and even our identity. At Topdrawer, we combine the quality and craftsmanship of our grandparents generation with our drive for independence,function, and stylish sustainability. It all results in a collection of tools curated from around the world, that help you do your best work, wherever you are.BACKSTORY:Our dear friend @nathanmichael approached us last summer to do this collab- we always love working with him (and have for over a decade) he was the photographer and designer of the catalog and the house shoes themselves. Hes a constant inspiration – weve starting working on another little project together that we hope to start sharing a bit on later this year.