THE BOSS (Aka: Frankie)models our new staff uniform jackets.These are the old school camp director nylon un-fancy ones. Standard Park Ranger green with creme badge. (Were gonna get our teams names chain stitched in goldenrod yellow )THE DEETS:Like everything we do here, we started by researching the hell out of these things for color, fabric, style, fit (for what was standard camp counselor issue from late 60s and 70s) then to stay true to our blue collar Midwestern summercamp roots, we just remade the simplest version. These are just like the ones from camp back then (there was nothing luxe about them then, so we found the ones that havent changed a bit). Just a base shell layer for the weather, function over fashion.Just the way we like it.We only needed 9 for our small but mighty crew, so just decided to add the surplus to the campstore this morning. Heads up that if you show up here wearing one, were gonna put you to work stocking firewood. And other campers are probably gonna ask you where the mess hall & craft cabin is – (feel free to make something up, could be fun.)