UNLEASH YOUR INNER GAMEROur inspiration for one of our newest additions this season (the game room) was a scene from the Royal Tannenbaums (the closet meeting). Guests can come check out a game to take back to their cabin or hang in the room to play cards. – A little story just came out with a roundup of some hotels that offer game rooms. A couple other hotels featured : The Curtis in Oregon (video game suite) And The Asbury in Jersey is BYOBB (bowling ball).So were excited to make the cut!EXCERPT:Combine family travel with a little friendly competition with these gamer-inspired hotel packages. Whether you are into board games, cards or video games, these hotels find different ways to incorporate fun into guest experiences.At this Wisconsin summer camp-turned-getaway, guests can try their hand at poker in the newly introduced Poker Room. The room features a felt-lined poker table, walls lined with portraits of gamblers and trophies, and more than 100 vintage board games for guests to play. Head to the camp store to purchase a vintage game or branded playing cards to take home with you as a memento.Link:https://whereverfamily.com/unleash-your-inner-gamer-at-one-of-these-hotels/Thanks, Mary Melnick + @whereverfamily And to @bobcoscarelli for pix and first shot by @aimeemazzenga