The things that matter.Somebody commented on one of our posts the other day an observation :The things you are creating at camp are extensions of you – you put so much into it personally. And when you share it socially, you are sharing yourself.Its made us realize whats underneath all the work – the little updates on our projects here have been less about increasing revenue & more about increasing experience by telling stories – our story and the stories of others before us through the objects that were owned by others long gone.Stories of guests through their art in the artists cabin, their names carved in the bunk beds, the residual good energy those (who choose to) leave behind. That energy is how we measure growth & its the only currency that counts at the end of the day. More & more we are looking back and appreciating the fact that our real goal here is to be a conduit to express creativity – and to invite others in to do the same. There isnt a room here that doesnt include an heirloom of some kind, something we made or found.Its always been about the intense love (bordering on OCD) for sharing a passion of history and connecting with a simpler time.We want to fill every corner with the things that matter and lean in more on filling it with family, friends, and strangers who will become friends.Next season, we will be accepting fewer of the profit leader events and accepting more of the groups and people that give back and help us give back. Well be accepting fewer bookings to make more room to accommodate those causes we care most about.We are so grateful to have had 16 friends (and counting!) buy homes now around this little lake – our little creative bubble community is growing. And with every new friend that joins us, we are growing more protective of keeping these 25 acres peaceful, safe, & ever-inspiring. For us, our guests and our community.Its becoming more sacred with every passing year.@reallyicetomeetyou – thank you for sharing your views.