GUIDED TOUR: our field house.For those interested in furthering their education on botany, bluegill species & Midwestern insects. Our visitor Alex wants you to know what we stock in his favorite building at camp:Turtle shells, butterfly specimens, leaf identifying charts, slides of local deer & so much more. *disclaimer: He does not work here, do not expect him to lead your bird watching group. But he was celebrating a birthday recently, so when we saw that he posted new photos of the Fieldhouse, it is of course our duty to support his career and share them.More about our field house:Modeled after a 1920s National Park Ranger education center, our field house is stocked with supplies for outdoor learning, woodland brochures, tools displays and books- everything you need to learn more about Wisconsin nature.More about Alex:Alex is married with two kids, repped by Soul Artist Management, dmanagement group, and Front Management. He has been featured in many magazines including Vogue Mexico & Holiday. (Not sure what that one is, so now we must Google) He played football for the Cincinnati Bengals before being scouted to be a model. STATSBirth Date: May 20, 1990Birthplace: Chicago, IllinoisHeight: 6 1/2Waist: 32Hair: BrownEyes: Blue-GreenApologies to anyone that this may disappoint, but again- when you book here, you will not find him in our Fieldhouse. You will find other programming instructors and nature guides on occasion, who will always be fully clothed. Happy Sunday. Model photographer @aldrindelcarmen_