My dad always wore a Stetson cowboy hat. (The last picture here is him) He was 61. He would say that he stood taller with his hat on. He was a Cash fan, and like Johnny, always wore black. I think that he would have gotten a kick out of this little story that @stetsonusa just shared- they posted a sweet photo essay shot by @stevenvisneauphotography of Chris Brown, (founder of @refueled.magazine) Chris was our first artist in resident at the new Artists Cabin at camp (a place created to host creatives off the books & off the grid)An excerpt from their interview with him:Attending Camp Wandawega for my residency was incredible. The color palette in the fall alone is the reason enough for a visit. The artwork I created while there was inspired by my love of vintage surf and skate culture. Growing up, I was drawn to skateboarding and surfing. Skateboards began to attract everyday surfers who could use the boards when they werent in the water. So using Surf as a metaphor I constructed a mixed media skate deck, sidewalk surfboard was inspired by the vintage aspect of Camp Wandawegas aesthetic, cabins, and amazing history. His finished work (4th shot) now hangs in our Artistss cabin, alongside many other friends work. Were grateful to have this place to share with friends, where they can share their work & stories. I think Dad (who lived and worked on a Wyoming ranch for years) would have gotten a kick out of the camp showing up on his favorite hat brands radar – even this peripherally. Whenever something was important to him, he put his hat on. Graduations. Weddings. Funerals. Going to the bank for a loan extension.Seeing your daughter off to college.I guess it helped in a few ways -Im finally old enough to get that now. Maybe this is the year that I need a hat like his. Maybe one for Charlie.But in black.(We named her to carry the initials of dads favorite musician) C.harlie A.lex S.urratt H.ernandezIdk if initials can be embroidered inside a hat?(time to jump down the research rabbithole.)