This has been a long time coming.We started a very special creative project this past August. We’ve been keeping it under wraps because it’s such a big undertaking for us, that we honestly didn’t know when we’d be able to complete it. (Most days I think finding and moving another old cabin to Camp is easier to pull off).I managed to talk my girl @bremariegraz founder of one of my design crush magazines Fellow magazine . )to help bring it to life. Yesterday was the best creative day here – poring over photography, ideas, & stories. Tearing things up, starting again, brainstorming new creative solutions… embracing the yes, and.So much of the creative community who have passed through these gates have contributed a wealth of photos, moments, memories, and stories; so we’re pretty excited to get to share this with everyone in the coming months to help kick off some new things in 2023.Part of a quote from Frank that’s been our mantra & fuel in recent months:”….Happiness lies in the joy of achievement, in the thrill of the creative effort.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt.Digging through selects here – some of the work we are including by @prezpipe @nathanmichael @stemsandforks @garrettsweet