Who wants to go fishing?Its a big part of camp here(and why we have lures in the store, keep the souvenir machine stocked with bobbers and the sports equipment rooms filled with fishing gear).The DNR reported that Lake Wandawega Is one of the healthiest in the state. Due to minimal agricultural runoff, few lakefront homes, and low motorboat traffic, the ecosystem thrives and provides for a healthy variety of fish.Here, we have mainly Large Mouth BassNorthern Pike and a variety of panfish/Bluegill/sunfish.We encourage folks to experience it, which is why we made the Lake Wandawega fishing guide. Starting this spring, campers will find them on their clipboards in their cabins.From the DNR:WHAT MAKES A HEALTHY LAKE?An extremely clear lake may lack the plant life needed to support a robust fishery. Ecologically balanced lakes are more important: those with a healthy mix of native plants, forested shores, minimum runoff coming into them, a good fishery and diverse wildlife.This is why Lake Wandawega (at its little 120 Acres) is ranked. STATS:Wisconsin ranks No. 2 nationally in the number of days of fishing by nonresidents and the number of non- resident anglers nearly 400,000. Only Florida ranks higher and it has an ocean! Some 1.4 million licensed anglers fished Wisconsin waters in 2008, catching an estimated 88 million fish. The most frequently caught: panfish, bass, walleye, northern pike, trout, catfish and muskie. In all, 165 species are found in the state. -Milwaukee Magazine July 2009 .The list of WISCONSINS HEALTHIEST LAKES (Selected by Wisconsin DNR lake experts)~Owen Lake in Bayfield County~Dorothy Lake in Chippewa County~East Ellerson Lake, Vilas County Burnt Wagon Lake, Chippewa County Bond Lake in Douglas County. ~Middle lake of Lauderdale Lakes in Walworth County.~Gilbert Lake, Lowe Lake in Washington County~Little Elkhart Lake in Sheboygan County~Pine Lake, Waukesha County, Max Lake, Stormy Lake, Smokey Lake, Black Oak Lake, North Twin Lake, Aurora Lake, Little John Lake, Vista Lake in Vilas County.~Montgomery Lake, Kenosha CountyLulu Lake, Pleasant Lake and Wandawega Lake in Walworth County