>> CAN YOU SEE IT? >>Scroll. Hit play. Wait for it.How do you add an extra fire safety EXIT door while keeping the integrity of a National Register building? Damn carefully.Historic accuracy is our love language. & Fire safety is our obsession(Its why youll find a Smokey bear sign in every room) With a place as old as ours, the fire safety experts are the ones you want to listen to first. (and if youre as paranoid about fires as we are, you can also get your own truck- we found ours at a local town fire station who had upgraded to a newer model).For this new door. We found & had professionally rewired antique lit EXIT signs. We are still finishing it : adding a marked PUSH bar /sign – so it will be super clear where to get out in a hurry. (Note that this room is also at ground level and has three other exit doors as well as 40 + easy open tall windows)So this door is just one more quick access optionFirst shot @bobcoscarelli