The ARTISTs cabin. Youll only be able to find it if you know where to look. (From the main camp grounds – you hafta head up the rock road, just past the grove where the trail splits) hang a right around the mulch bend. Its not for rent. But it is for free.Its not open to the public, but it is open to new creatives.Weve been filling it with a constant rotation of friends, family, visiting artists, goodwill (and the art) they leave behind to help us give it soul. This first painting (in our Nat Geo library) was created to Christen this house by our friend/collaborator/co-worker/artist @steve_hahn_ Second shot features our pal/neighbor/ fav designer-artist @struggle_inc (driftwood painted in corner & wall drawings) One of our (many) goals on a growing list is to shine more spotlights in the folks who make this place. Were feeling pretty damn grateful today to have a place to share that folks want to be a part of.(Thanks @erikengstromphoto for the picture and reminder of why we call this place home for our artist in residencies)