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… To announce the launch of their new Fall line. check it out. Holy *($#%!… do we love this. Somehow, when talented designers, filmmakers, photographers like these folks-  come to visit, they see this place through an entirely new lens. David & I (as the default caregivers of this communal space we call home)  sometimes fall victim to focusing on our reality of just keeping the roof up. Days and evening spent trenching out broken water pipes, swapping out rotting landscaping timbers, repairing ripped screens,  fixing geriatric bed frames with duct tape and prayer….. it’s akin to painting the golden gate bridge….

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nathan michael rocks.

How do you get a thousand likes for an iphone shot of a butcher block? by being nathan michael. check out his feed and his tumblr and his blog and his tweets and his facebook page He arrived at the house at 10 am. By the time he left at 1pm, he had 1500 more followers on his feed. (His work is so beautiful that Instagram put him on their suggestion list). He shot some stuff around the house, some of the new (secret squirrel) camp project, and we drank alot of espresso. Stay tuned for a collaboration later this…

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YAY!it just hit the stands 🙂charlie as a brownie breaks my heart.i mean, who knew they made baby moccasins that were this adorable??thanks to everybody who helped !!pick up the latest copy of MIDWEST LIVING magazine. or download it on zinio.

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Good Beer Hunting does good.

Mike Kiser does it all. and well. writing.photography.And he has married well too 🙂 OUTSIDE magazine just interviewed him on – well, finding good beer!It’s called ‘PLAID AND CANVAS. Hunting for the best beer in Chicago.’(what a fantastic freaking title that is, no?) check it out. A teaser from the story:“Last year, Kiser found himself at an odd point with Good Beer Hunting. “I had been asking myself a difficult question for almost a year,he says. “If Good Beer Hunting were to do something in the physical world, what would that be?” The answer: summer camp for adult males. KISER AND HIS FRIEND…

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inspired to share.

um… how cute is this girl? straight from her blog: ” Hello + welcome! I’m Colleen. The face behind Inspired to Share. I’m a blogger and aspiring designer with big dreams and humble beginnings. My background is in business but creativity is my passion. Inspired to Share is all about living a simple, styled life with an appreciation for design and the details. I believe homemade is better than store-bought and life is too short to not follow your dreams. Most of all, I’m inspired to share, whether it’s snippets from my creative life, design and lifestyle inspiration, or healthy…

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