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Northwestern cutlery- old school chicago grinders

Hidden under the train tracks in the meat packing district is a little shop that’s been sharpening knives for decades.  David was a kid in a candy store. Charlie was a toddler in a knife shop. (So we didn’t stay long) but long enough to find: They have new old stock items,  stock that hasnt changed in design in a hundred years, an ancient stone and water grinder. Original signage, a wall of lodge cast iron skillets and walls and walls of knives. ranging from $4.00 to $2500.00 Northwestern Cutlery = amazingness.

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100 year old Chicago Hardware store

Tucked just under the train tracks 1 block east of Lake street-in the meat packing district-is a teensy hardware store that is untouched by time.Rubber boots to shovels, half of their stock has been on the shelf for (what appears to be)several decades at least. It reminds me of my dad’s garage when we were kids growing up in Beardstown, Illinois.It was called “Surratt’s Auto Service”… and had a similiar patina. If you consider a thick coat of dust patina I hope they never change.

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Forgotten Chicago- Snappy Service Station restaurant.

     I drive by this everyday.A few weeks ago we noticed that the facade had been stripped, revealing a gorgeous 1930’s enamel- tiled original front.And a beaming sign that readsSNAPPY SERVICE SYSTEM5¢.A little google digging reveals:Forgotten Chicago research department went to the Newberry Library to go through Chicago white and yellow pages from 1925 to 1959, looking for “Snappy Service System” restaurant locations. The Snappy Service System restaurant recently revealed at 1141 North Ashland was curiously not listed in any of the phone books examined.  Following are the Snappy Service Systems restaurants listed from 1934 (the first time these…

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A Rainy Day surprise

when charlie got home from school yesterday,  she was met at the door with a lovely polka-dot box. inside she found a giant bird’s nest of woodshavings. and after digging her way to the bottom, she discovered tucked away a  GOLDEN HORSE WEARING A PARTY HAT. and in invitation to a birthday party from our friends at Land Of Nod . i love it. but not as much as she does. (she now totes her ratatouille in one arm and the horse in the other) (…and I seriously need to step up on invitation design after seeing this thing) some outtakes…

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