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We love dogs.We especially love people that love their dogs so much that they decide to travel the country with them on a year long journey, documenting their adventure every step of the way.  I introduce you to Theron and Maddie, two best friends that met one new person a day and told their story through photographs and oral history. The project: This Wild Idea. Our friend garrett cornelison (who came to shoot for the styleseek weekend at camp) has partnered with Theron Humphrey and is crossing the country, collecting stories and interviewing dogs (and their owners) for whywerescue.com. (Garrett…

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Fearless Friends at Camp

Summer camp has always been associated with adventure, animals, and a little danger. I grew up with fantasies of running away to some remote mountain, farm or never-ending trek through the wilderness — but almost never alone. I always imagined my dog, or cat, coming with me. The bond between animals and adventure is a strong one thanks to books and movies like Homeward Bound, My Side of the Mountain, Old Yeller, even Milo and Otis (I prefer voice-over instead of CGI talkies, FYI). It was clear to me early that animals were fearless — or at least hapless —…

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