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STARSTRUCK: ryan plett visits camp!

our new friend ryan came to shoot at wandawega last weekend– a few of our favorite instagram posts: ryan is the mind behing travelwell and youhavebrokentheinternet but my favorite site is his instagram feed! thanks for laying your camera on wanda, ryan. looking forward to having you back up soon. ryan in GQ (those shoes. that jacket.)

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party outtakes. READY. SET. ART!

cocktails. cupcakes. crafting. The Found Free & Flea book event at Anthropologie hanks for the shots, mattie gore! thank you to the lovely ladies of Anthropologie hauling lugging in heels and still looking fabulous. and thanks to all the friends + folks who came out to celebrate! stay tuned for the mini film of the event…..

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 the book has arrived! (in Anthropologie stores 🙂 check it out here: (i love the way they shoot and display their products online :)…. thanks, ANTHROPOLOGIE!

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its LIVE. finally. foundfancy.com

a work on progress that will always be in progress. a philosophy, archival site, a home for all projects (new and old) FOUND FANCY.Beautiful is everywhere.It doesn’t live exclusivelyin department stores or private showrooms.It’s not just for interior designers.Found Fancy is a new approach to beautifying your space.It takes courage and imagination. It doesn’t take a lot of money.Creativity is your currency.Spend every cent of yours.Do not fear flea markets. They are your secret weapon.Yardsales, thrift shops and alleys are your friend.Fearlessly foreage for treasures the rest of the world has overlooked.Beautiful is everywhere.Found Fancy is here to help you…

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Wears mask. Begs for Food. Visits nightly.

written for the travel website: FATHOMAWAY.com In her next installment of The Innkeeper’s Tales, Tereasa Surratt, head counselor at Camp Wandawega, exhibits incredible grace when confronted by visitors who force themselves to be wanted.WISCONSIN, USA – The baby raccoon greeted our guest and new friend Matthew with an excited hug. (Although Matthew recalls the encounter as more of a “mauling.”) Matthew had two options: freeze (he’d read this in the Boy Scout preparedness manual in the chapter on bear confrontation) or try to tear its little razor mitts off his backside.Matthew chose the latter. To his credit, it’s hard to…

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