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BUY THIS HOUSE! your mortgage would only be $1350 a month.

Think about this: rent it for 1 week a month and pay your mortgage.And then you can invite us up for a weekend. This place is so lovely that it breaks my heart.(but that gross futon also breaks my heart) check it out: WHERE IT CAME FROM The house was first built – much over a hundred years ago – between Castalia and Ossian, Iowa, about 20 miles south of where it is now. The house was first built when Iowa became available for settlement.  The logs are mostly oak, with some later replacements with whatever was available.  The house…

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Rescuing the cabin- filming the saga. EPISODE 1

The publisher of Found Free & Flea  (Random House / Clarkson potter) asked us to document the latest project: Rescuing the Sterlingworth Cabin… so…one sunny morning, david, bill, chuck and I decided to move it with only a pickuptruck, trailer, canvas strap and a prayer…. 5 hours later we had her moved to her new little perch at camp. here is the post on the origins of the cabin … kids: DONT TRY THIS AT HOME. stay tuned for the next phase- fixing it up….

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