Counselor Led Programming

Launching this Spring: Camp Programming. The only thing our counselors like more than hanging out with you, is ordering you around while they do it. When folks stay here, we give them a DIY packet at registration so they can spend their days planning their own “self-guided” adventures with our available activities & equipment. But after years of guests asking for guided activities, we’re offering counselor/instructor/guide-led classes, workshops & lessons for guests starting Spring 2020, by appointment. To learn more, click here. Options include:

Instructional Archery + Tomahawk Throwing
Guided Nature Hike (+ Night Hike)
Basic Survival Skills
Knot Tying (Boy Scout style)
Fire Building (full site build, intensive)
Teambuilding (did someone say ‘trust-fall’?)
Fishing led by a licensed guide
Embroidery Class
Macrame Workshop
Night at the Movies (old school camp movie library or BYOM)
Raccoon Ropin’ (read the disclaimer on our site to learn more)