Where social distancing is a way of life

Steps we’re taking for the health and safety of our family, our guests, employees and neighbors.

Who should come to Camp?
We want to start by saying this: we take this seriously and we only welcome guests who also respect CDC best practices. When it comes to who should be making trips to our camp, in good conscience, we can only allow people who have been following CDC guidelines for the duration of the Covid-19 pandemic. We mean it! Have you been washing your hands more than you ever thought humanly possible? Are you staying in your home & only venturing out for essentials or work? Maintaining social distance from anyone that you’re not quarantining with? Wearing a mask when going out & using hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes & washing your hands after every trip outdoors & also not touching your face? You really should stop touching your face so much : )

If you’re considering a visit, below is a set of guidelines we ask guests to follow:
– Stay with people you’re already quarantining with; if your group is different than your quarantine team (“Quaranteam”?) make sure they’ve also been following CDC & WHO guidelines
– You may not exceed the headcount limits in our listings; only the people who are staying in your cabin are allowed to come into your cabin
– Regardless of the size of your group, maintain social distance at all times
– Do not come if you feel ill or have any Covid symptoms
– Do not come if you have underlying health issues that place you at greater risk
– Bottom line, do not come if you’re not adhering to CDC & WHO guidelines for personal & public safety (we can’t say this enough)

Camp Wandawega is a family run operation. We cherish family time and making memories around a campfire and cannonballs into the lake. Our small scale and low density allow us to offer a unique getaway, but in order to do so safely, we need everyone to understand that the Coronavirus is serious and needs to be treated as such. This place is where our family is too, so we insist on doing everything we can to make it a safe place to experience the no-frills joys that Camp Wandawega is known for.

Ramped up Camp Cleaning:
– 24-hour downtime between reservations
– Use of cleaners and disinfectants that have been recommended by the EPA and/or CDC
– Extra cleaning for high-touch areas
– Following Airbnb Covid Cleaning Guidelines
– Hand sanitizer stations spaced throughout Camp

Helping our guests keep themselves healthy:
– No contact check-ins
– Scheduling use of our hatchet and archery range, with cleaning/disinfecting between groups
– Closing our indoor communal spaces like the main lodge and Airstream “Church Key Lounge” until further notice
– Dedicated cooking and eating space for each rental group, as well as dedicated campfire spots

Healthy employee practices:
– All staff is committed to CDC best practices in their daily lives
– Social distancing while on-site with maintenance projects physically spread out
– Gloves and masks worn for cleaning & trash rounds
– Any staff who feels ill will stay at home

Helping our community stay healthy:
– We encourage guests to stay on the grounds throughout the duration of their stay or do activities in the local area that can be done in safe, socially distant ways (e.g. public hiking trails)
– We encourage guests to come fully stocked so they will not need to visit local grocery stores
– We are happy to provide information related to no contact grocery or meal deliveries/pick ups

– posted 5/28/2020

Edit: We’re thankful for science & the work everyone has done to get us this far. We will continue to ask unvaccinated people to wear their masks while indoors in our communal spaces, but we’re back to normal Camp operations.

– posted 5/30/2021