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We could use some help here.Were making this tiny new guest amenity called The Music Box.So heres what were piecing together : you walk into the old main lodge- past the pool room- the bar – hang a right into the gambling room – behind a door in the corner.This has been our little secret.(Because its been a hoarding spot for all the things we dont need or use) So we decided to convert it into a little Music corner. Weve gutted it, and are building out the floor to ceiling shelving. Were Gathering up all our instruments weve got all all over camp- What would you want to find in here?Heres some of our plans, sketches and scheming as were making our list of what to outfit it with: Rack of records & 8 tracks, cassettesLibrary of Songbooks Musical games (is this a thing?) 8 track player Karaoke machin Record player Guitar Amp Speakers

COPPER POSTCARDS were a popular tourist souvenir in the 50s -70s at roadside attractions- they were the type of affordable little memento that joints like the Wandawega Hotel would have offered guests back then. If youve ever met us, you know that we have a soft spot for the little things that were made in the U.S. by small businesses.So we tracked down the current generation still running the family shop that makes these.{ who are so charmingly old school that they still do business via phone, fax, and snail-mail }They sent us a Xerox copy of a clipart page from the 60s with designs to pick from.And presto! Our little copper postcard dreams just came true, stocked up in our campstore.We love supporting other small businesses.Especially during the holidays.And *most* especially these multi-generation families that still make the smallest things that time forgot.Heres to the little things that stand a chance of getting saved, to one day remind us of that one vacation we took, decades ago.

The new Camp Supply Closet cometh!Is it weird to get excited about office supply organizational systems? Probably. Were in rethink/redesign of everything mode in our slow seasonevery : basement.Garage.Closet.Back-of-House.Office corner.Is getting a makeover.Were starting with our neglected little Supplies Closet printing station. Were doing it right this time. Out with the old.In with the new.(Except for old vintage shelves/ fixtures/cabinets and those amazing vintage canvas covered 1950s binderswe need more of those in our life).

This was pretty special to us. We have been fans of Chris Brown (of Refueled Magazine) for many years- so it was an honor to have him join us as our first artist in residence. Hes worked with so many American heritage outdoor brands that we love from @filson1897 to @stetsonusa and tapped by it seems every inspiration source from @tedx_official to @netflix To read more about what he created here and why- head over to his feed : @refueled.magazine but what we learned pretty quickly is that he not only is one of the most humble guys youll ever meet- hes also incredibly generous with his time. The residency was only a few days but the stamp he left will be here long after were gone (and we arent going anywhere anytime soon).Photos and film by his buddy (and also a super chill and talented guy) @stevenvisneauphotography

36 hours in NYC. A top 10 photo dumpWe are only ever here for work – so this time we tagged 36 hours on the tail end for some fam time. here are our a few of our go to spots for camp – and life – Inspiration.1 @russanddaughters – for the breakfast.2 @mcsorleysoldalehouse – for the best room in the oldest bar. 3 @doublerl – for the windows i want to move into.4 @whalebonemagazine (for the @accidentallywesanderson collab) 5 CENTRAL PARK- always.6 @balthazarny – for the gigantic latte mugs 7 SOHO @nike – for the @struggle_inc line8 @momadesignstore gift shop – for the inspiration9 @mcrowcompany at @bddw_etc for theeverything. (must follow)10 @economycandy – restocking the Canteen We hit up all the things Charlie (and we) wanted her to see again (times square. the Plaza.) Then dragged her to the Tenement museum so she could learn about her great great grandmother’s journey to America. To learn what perseverance, grit & gratitude looks like.Fast and short trip- got home late & tired – but worth it if you can carve out the time this holiday – I followed up with a quick trip to DC for a research – to the @smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian. (Cant recommend the “Americans” exhibit enough- I visit every time Im in the area to keep learning)

The first step is admitting it.HI.have an addiction to buying Christmas ornaments. Hit up a half dozen souvenir gift shops at the @smithsonian campus yesterday & took home a haul that may cause us to have to now put up another tree. That – um- may make four in our house. (Im being told thats overkill, but holiday spirit is a great post rationalizing device).Sharing a couple of this seasons growing forest here. And then digging through our past fav city / home tree files (yes, its a thing) these are some past loves. Charlie & Frankie hands down are the best tree accompaniments – her first Christmas . Then The time we decided it would a good idea to make a tree on the outside of the house with those little fake flicker candle things and nearly broke a hip trying to get them down.Last pic: TB to that time we hauled a small grove of holiday trees to @msichicago to co-host a camp themed takeover slumber party. For 700 kidsIm for sure heading towards being that crazy lady who leaves the holiday lights up all year.

For those hunting for the devil whos hiding in the details.We made these for you.Many folks are surprised to hear that bandanas where popular advertising giveaways for industrial companies starting as far back as the 1920s.To honor this (and our roots running back to 1925) we created the camp version to be as authentic as possible to that era and purpose. Every building here at camp has been illustrated in the old pen line style of the period. Just like this place – there are little surprises tucked into the design… hiding in the corners. (You cant see them right away- and most folks may never find them). We like to hide the Easter eggs – so Next time youre here, look in the back of your rooms dresser drawer. Or the top shelf of your closet.We like to find folks that are curious as we are, people who like to hunt. Because Devils (and angels) are always hidden the details.DETAILSBandanas measures 18″x 18″ with whip stitch edgingPrinted in water based inks (OG method vs Modern silkscreening)Handkerchief is 100% cotton Comes gift boxed (box measures 3″ x 4.5″ x 2″) & in a linen pouchPre washed to bring on the soft Made in USA two classic colors: navy blue & red

That one time that we walked Betsy (a 1400 pound heffer into the Lakeview cabin) & only stopped when the floorboards started to collapse under her..That the snow-makers from FARGO moved into for 5 days in a 90 degree summer to make snow to pull off a holiday shoot..That a 5-story bunkbed was erected on the picnic hill, and filled with kids and one very scared dogthat Nikki Taylor came to model and gave our property manger a hug that almost made him pass out.that Frankie make it clear to us that he hates wearing holiday sweaters almost as much as he loathes cashmere goats.that the trees had custom hand-knit sweaters made for them, every corner of camp was turned into Christmas in July-. And it ended up taking over a block of State Street windows during the holidays.Tis the season